Hazardous, Non-Hazardous, and Obsolete Residual Material Management & Disposal Services

A Comprehensive Range of Residual Dangerous Material Management Services

Managing a residual material program is complicated. With so many moving parts, keeping every project and responsibility up to standard can seem impossible. We're here to alleviate that burden. We'll help you fill in any gaps and strengthen any weak spots in your organization's residual dangerous material management process. We'll be the consultant, the manager, the disposer, and anything in between. From small lab packs and one-time transports to managing your entire residual dangerous material program for you, we have it covered. We promise to streamline compliance, minimize cost, and optimize for sustainability.

We're Different

At Triumvirate Environmental, our ultimate goal is to reduce - not increase - what you spend on residual dangerous material disposal. With an emphasis on residual dangerous material minimization, diversion, and recycling, our specialists deliver true value.

With a significant investment in training and a highly selective hiring process, we can truly say our specialists are experts in your field. All of our specialists and drivers are trained and understand all residual material regulations. They are fully versed in residual material profiling, labeling, manifesting, reporting, and more.

Key Capabilities

  • Residual Dangerous Material Compliance & Reporting
  • Residual Dangerous Material Transportation & Disposal
  • Drum and Bulk Hazardous and Obsolete Residual Material Management & Disposal
  • Cylinder and Compressed Gas Management
  • Onsite Support Services
  • Lab and Chemical Packs & Moves
  • High-Hazard Material Management
  • Chemical Inventory Management
  • Residual Dangerous Material Minimization
  • Recycling
    • Batteries
    • Lamp Ballasts
    • Fluorescent Lamps
    • Used Oil
    • Solvents

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