Waste Management and Compliance Reporting Software

ADVISETM is Triumvirate's proprietary web-based software service that simplifies environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance, enabling users to track, analyze, and graphically report compliance performance.

With a simple web-based browser, ADVISETM allows users to identify safety and compliance issues, analyze risk, and plan for regulatory deadlines. And, our powerful Inspections module documents issues like container labeling, personal protective equipment (PPE), and fire safety using detailed notes and photos.

With real-time and historic performance data, you can evaluate strengths and weaknesses, identify risks, and act on facts. ADVISETM data enables users to improve compliance performance, mitigate risk, and manage waste.

Key Features

  • Collect and Distribute Inspection Data Directly with a Smartphone Application
  • Track & Analyze EHS Data
  • Document Inspection Issues with Detailed Notes and Photos
  • Maintain Regulatory Calendar and Deadlines
  • Store & Search Manifests, Waste Profiles, Inspections, Waste Inventory, Drug Formularies, and Site-Specific Data
  • Report EHS Analytics to Identify Risk and Plan Compliance Initiatives


  • Compliance Calendar - Track due dates for return manifests, satellite accumulation areas (SAA), chemical disposal, and regulatory sampling. Schedule activities required for environmental, health, and safety compliance.
  • Inventory Management - Display hazardous waste inventory storage dates and generator status. Manage regulated storage limits. Provide up-to-date hazardous waste inventories for waste accumulated in main accumulation area (MAA) and SAA.
  • Waste Profile - Access your profiles electronically. Upload signed profiles along with any waste determination data to store in one location. Submit a new profile request to your Technical Service Representative in seconds. Export a list of profiles to Excel for routine reviews of your waste streams.
  • Inspections (with iPhone Application) - Automatically detect MAA, SAA, and other locations with barcodes. Use notes and photos to capture, store, and send compliance deficiencies found during inspections for MAA and SAA.
  • Documents - Be prepared for regulatory audits by having all critical permits, training records, and reports stored in one location. Create a file folder system and upload documents for safe keeping.
  • Manifest - Upload and store signed manifests, packing slips, bills of lading, and land disposal restrictions. Track time limit on return manifests with color code system. Quickly and easily record and store returned manifest copies.
  • Messaging - Submit waste pickup and supply requests to TEI's Onsite Support Services team.
  • Formulary - Hospitals with pharmacies need help characterizing the hundreds or thousands of pharmaceuticals that they manage. Triumvirate can upload your drug list to ADVISETM and give you access to your complete characterized formulary. This information will help you properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste. You can quickly print SAA container labels and signage and search for new drugs being used.
  • Reporting - Display and print inspection, manifest, and waste profile data in graphical or tabular format. Analyze inspection performance, violations by department, and overall performance by site or deficiency type. Analyze manifest, waste profile, and specific waste code data to track volume shipped each month, quarter, or year. Display and analyze trends. Generate reports to show upcoming activities and due dates. Configure to automatically generate and email reports to distribution lists. Use colorful graphics to present compliance performance to colleagues.

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